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. >> on earnings and revenues sending citi shares higher. u.s. mortgage business and lending mexico helped boost results. >> microsoft's back in the music business unveiling a service that could compete with the likes of pandora and itunes. we have an exclusive with the head of their interactive entertainment straight ahead. softbank to buy 70% of sprint for $20 billion marking the largest ever foreign acquisition by a japanese company bringing together the third biggest mobile carriers of japan and the united states. it was said, i'm a man and every man wants to be number one, not number two or number three. masayoshi son. >> audacious two. one assumes he is rational as well. usually only rational people have that access to -- >> godzilla-like approach and looked like mothra. >> you know, it is a large deal. no way around that and, of course, somewhat complex try to break it down for you if you're a sprint shareholder you'll have the opportunity to ee will exto get either 730 in cash and/or own 30% of newco, new sprint and it will probably end up splitting 55/45. for 55% of your holdings so 730
was real. net interest margin call you talked about yesterday in mexico. great quote. these are things that pandit, those are his initiatives. look, can i just throw my hand up and say this is a real stunner. this is true drama. >> he don't see it. the story itself will have some real drama as well once we find out what really happened. >> there was a tremendous antipathy. geithner did not. my understanding is during the crisis geithner wanted city group to merge with wachovia to create a stronger bank. wells ended up with wachovia. there was a lot of tension. what i thought was so significant it was over. now goldman, it was over. they got through the crises. citi had put -- >> listen, we'll hear lots of spec and i'll start speculating. there's been talk, libor investigation. i've been getting a lot of questions about that. it's a fair point at least. have no idea whether there's anything. my sense is probably not. you don't know. again, to come back to the big things. usually you leave at the end. year if you would do it. you have some sort of transition. no doubt this was forced in
think you will see a decline. not in time for election. >> also, mexico, remember, just near the u.s. border has announced it's opening refineries. there's been so much pressure, increasing refinery pressure in the u.s. hasn't been able to happen but if you have that capacity coming online in mexico or that region, it will be another source of downward pressure on prices. >> we've become -- untold story. one candidate, wake up, huge exporter of refined products. this is a disaster because we have jones act doesn't let us take ships up to the east. we don't have the pipeline capacity. so we're shipping frantically refined product. >> that's one of the reasons the consumer here in the u.s. hasn't seen so much relief. so much of the product is being exported. it's interesting the way consumer sentiment held up, despite the fact gasoline has been making new monthly fresh highs. if that continues going into the holiday season, you see the forecast going up 4%, they don't look too stretched. >> we talk about the refi, quote/unquote, boone in this country. >> those stocks have held up, ex
, clearly a lot of questions still about the bribery scandal in mexico, to be answered. courtney reagan is at the walmart shareholder meeting with the latest. >> hi, simon. i'm here in englewood cliffs. when the bribery allegations surfaced in april walmart said it would have an update on the investigation in roughly six months. it's roughly six months, no updates so far from today's investor meeting. walmart's ceo mike duke says the additional store approval steps are now in place in mexico, duke hinted walmart will reveal ways it plans to increase its capex discipline like it has with merchandising expense. it takes a direct hit on dollar general and general grocer competitors encouraging consumers to bring in their receipts and compare prices. mcduton noticed back-to-school was strong and sees it continuing for the holidays. walmart is doubling its ipad orders for the whole day season and focusing on social media engagement projecting three times as many impressions this year, 100 twitter elves will be helping to suggest gifts and provide customer service. walmart u.s. ceo bill simon
an incredible package deals on going down to mexico in order to give consumers that little incentive to book. >> have you seen consumers like the other day we had a restaurant ceo say that he's been noticing consumers come in and not get the coke for instance as a result of pressure on consumer spending. our travelers still booking the package, hotel but minus the rental car, minus the airplane? just two legs of that stool. >> we're seeing a couple things. one is we see length of stays shorten a bit. instead of going seven days, may go six days, right. another thing that we're seeing is consumers average daily rights are coming down and for example we are seeing our package business at expedia increase because with packages for example hotels give special rates that aren't available on a stand alone basis. consumers are definitely look g ing for that extra dollar and are being aggressive about it. >> if google becomes an online travel agency and i heard that apple developed an itravel application, how do you respond to that? how do you stay ahead and ensure that your business and ot
about world war ii bombs that hold drillers at risk in the gulf of mexico. so many things to watch out for in this world. >> i remember a long time ago about the switches in puerto rico and the navy was shelling it. no offense to the navy, that is where you train. now it's like a great w. people love the w. star was downgraded today by someone. that's a misplaced downgrade. >> we'll get to more names after the bell. when we come back, the ceo of citi mortgage gets put on the hot seat. we'll find out what he has to say. >>> and automakers due out with september reports. will we see good news or car trouble? >>> then tim cook's leadership ability at apple. would jobs have given him a thumbs-up or thumbs-down? the opening bell is next. we don't call this our company, we call this our mission. green toys teaches children that if i have a milk jug and i stick it in the recycling bin it can turn into something new. chase allows us to buy capital equipment to be able to manufacture in the states to the scale we need to be a global company. with a little luck green toys could be the next great
. interesting countries. actually, this is alphabetical order, they point out. brazil, india, indonesia, mexico and u.s. and as of that week, they have 600 million mobile users. and apparently that's what he emphasized in his exclusive with nbc. >> this is a stock, unlike ms. whitman's stock, where every time someone speaks from facebook, whether it be sherrill, he comes on the "today" show and he gives it a bump. this guy makes a case for anytime anyone's on facebook, they're basically saying listen, forget the past. we've got a mobile strategy which i think august was good for them. i'm getting a feeling that september was good. i think their ability to go out and tell the story ahead of the lockup is a little dicey because you've got this big lockup expiration. >> sure. >> but i do marvel about 1 billion users, and i do think that, you know, i don't want to necessarily buy oxygen because there's, what, 7 billion users of oxygen, but this company does have -- >> interesting that facebook's argument pivots around the number of people who use their product. whitman's argument centers around the
are under a lot of pressure. and so there may be other winners from that so i find myself thinking mexico. big winner from the new china. australia a bit of a loser. but i think from some of our guest speakers which you are interviewing later, it would seem to me a fantastic time to be a genuine chinese stock picker. by that i mean stocks other parts in the world that may be a good way to play the new china. i call it apple versus caterpillar. not obvious to me caterpillar is a big winner as it has been in the past whereas consumer names in the u.s., big winners. >> the message here is going to be to find specific stocks in china to be opportunistic. let's go to the u.s. you hinted on that. i know you have been down in d.c. for the last 24 hours. just got up here. not so optimistic in terms of the u.s. it sounds over the last 24 hours. >> i have been very optimistic relative to most of the people about the u.s. this year. i've been a business dismissive of the election and fiscal cliff as being that bigger issue. i'm hoping it's just the fact i've before in d.c. for 24 hours and after the
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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